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Test Mnemonic SAL/ASPIRIN Salicylate (Aspirin), Serum


Clinical Significance:

Analgesic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory and antiplatelet. For the relief of headache, painful discomfort and fever of colds/flu, sore throats, muscle aches and pains, temporary relief of pain from arthritis, rheumatism, bursitis, toothache, fever accompanying immunizations, evaluate toxicity. Optimal sampling time is 1 to 3 hours after oral dose.

Performing Laboratory

Hallmark Health

Physician Office Specimen Requirements

Container/Tube:  Serum gel tube(s)

Specimen: 1 mL of serum

Transport Temperature:  Refrigerate

Collection Instructions: Peak levels typically occur 4 to 6 hours after ingestion.

Reference Values

The Therapeutic Range for Acetaminophen is 15-25 mcg/mL;
The Toxic level is >150 mcg/mL.