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Test Mnemonic UAR Urinalysis, Routine, With Reflex


Clinical Significance:

Screen for abnormalities of urine; diagnosis and management of renal diseases, urinary tract infections, urinary tract neoplasms, and systemic diseases; and dehydration.

Performing Laboratory

Hallmark Health

Physician Office Specimen Requirements

1 mL from a random, clean-catch urine collection. No preservative. Send specimen refrigerated in a plastic urine container.

Note:  Follow instructions in “Urine Collection” in “Special Instructions.”

Reference Values

Color:  amber, yellow, or straw

Character:  clear

pH:  5.0-8.0

Specific gravity:  1.003-1.030

Protein:  negative/trace

Sugar:  negative

Ketones:  negative

Urobilinogen:  negative

Bile:  negative

Blood:  negative

Esterase:  negative

Nitrate:  negative


RBC:  0-5/hpf

WBC:  0-5/hpf

Bacteria:  negative

Squamous cells:  few/hpf

Special Instructions