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Test Mnemonic VANCO Vancomycin Level (Peak), Plasma or Serum

Performing Laboratory

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Physician Office Specimen Requirements


Container/Tube:  Plain, red-top tube(s) or serum gel tube(s)

Specimen:  1 mL (minimum volume:  0.5 mL) of serum

Transport Temperature:  Refrigerate

Collection Instructions:  Allow blood to clot and centrifuge. Transfer serum into a plastic vial from a plain, red-top tube. Peak: should be drawn one hour after completion of dose. Trough: Once steady-state has been achieved,draw blood just prior to next dose.


Note:  1. Indicate serum on request form.

            2. Label specimen appropriately (serum).

            3. Dose, date and time of last dose, and route of administration are required for processing.

Reference Values

Peak:  25-40 mcg/mL