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Test Mnemonic VANCOTR Vancomycin Level (Trough), Plasma or Serum

Performing Laboratory

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Physician Office Specimen Requirements


Container/Tube:  Plain, red-top tube(s) or serum gel tube(s)

Specimen:  1 mL (minimum volume:  0.5 mL) of serum

Transport Temperature:  Refrigerate

Collection Instructions:  Allow blood to clot and centrifuge. Transfer serum into a plastic vial from a plain, red-top tube. Trough: Once steady-state has been achieved, draw blood just prior to next dose. Peak: One hour after completion of dose.


Note:  1. Indicate serum on request form.

            2. Label specimen appropriately (serum).

            3. Dose, date and time of last dose, and route of administration are required for processing.

Reference Values

Therapeutic Monitoring Guidelines (Vancomycin Trough):


15-20 mcg/mL for the treatment of methicillin-resistant S.aureus (MRSA) infections

(like osteomyelitis, ventilator associated pneumonia, bacteremia or meningitis).


10-15 mcg/mL for all other indications (uncomplicated infections).


Note: There are no therapeutic guidelines or reference ranges for Random Vancomycin

levels. Vancomycin Trough levels are the recommended method for therapeutic